Ichijyo Hikaru / Rick Hunter and Hayase Misa / Lisa Hayes


Another of my favorite cels, not just from Macross but in my entire collection. I really have to thank Keys for telling me this cel was on Taro. THANK YOU KEYS!! *glomp hugs thank you* When I was a kid, I used to stare at my Macross Perfect Memory book and pick out the scenes that I wanted. This was one of them! This is the FINAL scene of Macross (the TV series). The SDF-1 has just blown up, and Hikaru has found Misa in the rubble. In Robotech this scene was particularly touching... I won't do any more spoilers, I know there are some people out there who haven't seen the whole series yet. As soon as I get this I am going to put a background with it so that you can see the snow painted on the cel. The scene is actually supposed to have a grey/blue background of clouds.



Production Art: