^_^! This is the very first opening sequence cel from the Gundam Wing first season. This is the first cel of Heero that Gundam Wing fans ever saw, and this is one of the few cels where his eyes are not totally blocked by his hand. The hand is NOT stuck, as you can see above ^_^ and this cel IS huge. I am SO happy to have this cel, and, yes, it IS REAL. I love Heero's eyes ^_^!!! This cel came with two matching unstuck douga for both cels, and I also own all of the genga for the cel. Overall, this cel + douga + genga cost me a small fortune; only my primo PSME cels cost more than this beauty. The cel has not been cropped in any way, it took me 3 scans to get the above picture put together ^_^;



Production Art: 


A1 END (TOME) (Heero), B1 END (TOME) Heero's hand