I actually found out about this series when one of my favorite Dragonball Doujinshi circles, Wolfpack, produced a "Go! Go! Ackman" doujinshi. I quickly tried to find the original, and discovered it was a short collection of manga stories that was published in 1997 by Akira Toriyama. It was later turned into 4 different video games, Go! Go! Ackman 1, 2, and 3, and a G!G!A for the Gameby (in black & white). I'm not sure which video game these cels are from, I'm guessing it's from G!G!A 3 as the early games were your typical SNES 1990's games with little pixels and such :) . I loved Ackman, the main character, because he looks like EVIL Future Trunks (yay!). He has a little bat friend, and he is the Prince of Darkness! However, in his universe, he's a good guy and lives in a typical suburban family home :) The EVIL guy in the series is Tenshi (Angel) who is a demented little angel out to get Ackman with whatever it takes (his weapon of choice is a bazooka). Anyway, MANY thanks to Misty for this cel which has been on my wishlist forever!



Production Art: 


A2 (top layer, Ackman), A9 (background of trees and buildings).